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After 5 days in Dubai it's time to go back to London. I don't want this vacation to be over but it's 10 weeks left until school is over for this year (craaazy) so I have tons of hand ins, shoots and work when I come back. Really just want the school year to be over now! 

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When I'm feeling bored of London I always go back and look at pics from adventures in the states. I really miss this, travelling around not worrying too much about anything and just living. I'm really sick right now and it's literally getting worse every day. I never get sick, like not really sick, if I'm sick it's usually a bit of a cold for like 2 days and then I'm fine or I'm sick like once a year and it's bad for like 1 week and then I'm good. But now I have this horrible inflammation in my facial nerve + I got a bad cold and a fever so it's hurting EVERYWHERE. I'm already tired of it and I can't stay at home because I have school, work and exams coming up so I'm trying to balance everything which is not very easy. 
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