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I'm on the move again, still can't sit still for 2 seconds without getting bored. Melanie invited me to come and stay with her in Sevilla while she's still studying there and I finally had some time off. 

Finished all my last school work yesterday so I'm feeling really relaxed and super ready to have a real vacation, aka not doing anything productive, for a week. 

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before it gets dark

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So to start with, my art shoot is taking place on saturday buuuuut no rest at Marangoni! Next photoshoot will be in februrary which seems so far away, but at the same time we have a million things to do until then. I need to finish my essay that's due on wednesday. I've never been this late with finish schoolwork that's graded but I have literally had NO time to do anything the past few weeks and I honestly have no idea what I'm writing. 
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